When God saw His images


Once God tried to vision His images

Observe the strange selfish humans

Feel free to move any illogical ways

Violating all ethics of commonsense

To serve self ends at any cost in life


Sad but helpless save the situation

In horrible state of the life pattern

How give cruel treats to own ones

Disregard their dignity & feelings

Foolish think hold privilege rights


After a while like pleasant surprise

See one calm & cool bright person

Shining with spiritual ray of spirits

Personify compassionate kindness

And undisturbed cope the bad luck


Very unusual without any grudge

 Or have complains against plight

 Also quietly bear every adversity

Yet wishes blame none tell wrong

 Save regret in noble way of heart


God felt delighted & satisfied too

Amid view of this expected sight

Utter yes….here is my reflection

Intended to selflessly help others

And promote peace of happiness


Instantly showered some blesses

Knew won’t demand his nature

Yet deserves find craved wishes

Sure have earned to own credits

Wait rightful rewards in favour


Then smiled little sure not worry

As Angelic souls are also present

To extend cosmic divine cool vibes

Help sincere ones with loving care

By overlooking own life pressures


Felt can take pride in such images

Certainly hold dear & near to me!



This page has been dedicated to one living Angel

Thank have inspired me write this poem.



Music now Playing "Save the world"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission


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