When hear phone ring


  When hear phone ring


When hear phone ring


Normal experience of everyone

Get alert hear the calling sound

Of Dear ‘Hello’ friend anytime

And pay attention pickup quick


Consider as important member

Reside at due service of holder

Round the clock take no break

Except happen be out of order


After all what an essential roll

Actually play if may try to see

Assist related in regular touch

Think relax after welfare news


Tend help finish various work

Save lots of time & effort also

As exchange the crucial detail

With aim final thrilled dealing


Again so easy bluff very busy

Avoid undesired meet request

In good feel tone not hurt any

Though sure imply the reality


Act be pleasing surprise call

Since show sincere gratitude

While hear the warm wishes

As congratulate on occasion


Be what a relief & pleasure

Receive expect success news

Or feasible rewarding result

Promise reach dream target


Be only means can connect

Distant exist near-dear one

And bless hearty happiness

Even if can talk just awhile


Trusted like reliable friend

Smart unite anxious lovers

Could share pain & delight

Find what a peace of mind

And fixes when meet where


As such obvious all believe

Hello friend as great article

Seem exist like living entity

Calmly do what may intend



Music now Playing  "Hallo Hallo"

 Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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