When I look at sky


  when i look at sky



When I look at sky


I keep stare at sky in silence

Of starry night & try picture

Where you maybe glittering

Amid so many show shining


Feel how an endless longing

If could see you just a while

Though sense be impossible

Expect miracle may happen


Bring you back like surprise

Know well must accept fact

Nothing can change the fate

But unable donít know why


At times wishful wish seem

Do some good as help uplift

Spirit & induce trace power

And console upset in gloom


Also popup positive thought

Remember pleasing moment

May have had shared in past

And dwell as sweet memory


May basis a bit content then

And adjust endure alter state

Desire recover refresh mood

Effect lifeless life gets better


Afterward when look at sky

Star twinkle as if give smile

Certain get what a cool feel

Nothing more one can wish


Also realize the bitter truth

No one in fact with no one

Whether be as human here

Or see as star in sky above


Might feel meant together

But all have own life load

As birth-live-meet related

Feel blissful or painful life


And find exit per destine

So do things best in hand

Craft significant life span

Leave rest to the almighty


Trust many hold in regard

See eyes in tears feel void

As miss precious presence

May treasure only in heart


Music now Playing "Hope"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission


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