When one look laughingstock


  When one look laughingstock


When one look laughingstock


Though be painful experience

For anybody be regarded like

Laughingstock watch curious

Way of thinking and feelings


Concern self, near- dear ones

And even for connected ones

Hold no relation tag but exist

Special place of high esteem


Seldom can others recognize

Value of their dreams vision

Decide hard action approach

Till can show ideal outcome


What can do or not perceive

On intuitive foresight vision

See state of probable future

Fetch hardship or nice time


But suppose like ridiculous

And be possibly whimsical

As seem being out of place

Fit the life pattern of others


In this selfish world no one

Does anything for anybody

Unless can find some gains

So how foolish live selfless


Normally all wish easy life

Of least efforts find leisure

See no merit opt new way

Aim innovative technique


Danger may not be fruitful

Provoke blame and endure

As hold be responsible one

How dull call such trouble


Be usual tendency expect

Work for mutual benefits

Regardless of any relation

Futile give up & sacrifice


Good live friendly & please

Care & love sense concern

Be all right at suitable limit

Thus too much look absurd


As such anything if beyond

General norms of the world

Sound strange & irrational

So one look laughingstock


Still strong will personality

Not worry sustain anything

And proceed ahead silently

Make the admirable history

Prove guide path for others



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Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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