Where find happiness


Anywhere may try to have a look

Everybody seem search to seek

Somewhere missing happiness

Not know how that to find out


Indeed sorry state to see dismay

On face of practically every one

All suffer from same complain

But no doctor treats this trouble


None appreciate how hard bear

And live with burdensome life

See nothing fulfill intend wishes

But meet demand of only duties


Strived to grab own joyful quota

But found futile when think buy

 It is not in bazaar can purchase

None tell when stock may arrive


Right all desire be happy in life

But are running around in vain

There is just no Mr. Happiness

Who may be summon to report


Wise develop positive thinking

And try glance within own self

To view blesses already possess

And nice things fate did destined


My dear friends do not grumble

God has loving kind care for all

With own device give happiness

And sure be glad to thank Him


Music now Playing "Hi there"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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