Why do people Fight



It may be strange & undesirable thing but most of the time people seem to adopt this easy handy way to sort out conflicts of the aroused differences, no matter whether worth fight when can be resolved with cool discussion of the reasons of merits both may have.


The amicable cool solutions are rarely preferred over the attempt of high dominating fighting spirits to settle the matters in own favour & that too on desired terms. It is human nature to think self stand & wishes are far more important than that of the others despite the own wrong contentions clear in the view.


Basically, the convictions & thinking pattern on any issue in question is based on individual perceptions go by own attitude & ability to appreciate & understand the situation of concerns with open mind. Moreover, ego feels of superiority induce to impose self decisions & drag involved ones against their wishes & also result the distress of hurts for nothing.


Some people are in a habit of picking up fights for some petty or may be no reasons, much wonder to find what kind of satisfactions if any. Perhaps they donít feel nice see peace to prevail for a long. The useless fights are like their pass-time when doing nothing. They want own presence be felt not only in the house but the near by areas too. The fights are like daily health workouts, they religiously undertake feel good & test self powers of shouting, screaming, abusing, nagging, throw things hit aims with touch of allegations & lead physical assaults as last exercise many a times. It is very hard or rather impossible to convince them be rational & behave well respect each others dignity at least as humans.


Many times, fights are nothing but a way of emotional outburst of suppressed disgruntled hurts & disgust state of mind suffer anguish due to the prevailing conditions of the fate which canít be spelled but hard to cope & bear. The life is really so complex & trying courage of patience that one may feel get pressed against the wall see no way remedy or seek relief.


They can be like the mirror reflects the inner frustrations of the concerns hiding helpless feels on account of failures in life find intended wishes due to any reasons beyond self controls grieve as lost chance. The regrets may be face injustice, inability to assert own rights of deprived things & place but obliged to follow the commands of authority in powers, sorry get disregards of condemn but just canít oppose due to compelling causes of state.


Indeed very queer but fact that mostly people tend to take the disadvantage of ones quiet & friendly nature. The goodness on their part treated as sign of weakness or venture to consider them as door-mat to walk over as please. Their silence seem hold permit be taken for granted feel free inflict unfair deals. That time it becomes essential to fight for ones own rights, protect self stand of dignity & also provide the shelter to dependant near ones who are otherwise regarded as only the unwanted wretched by selfish world & encroach upon even right to survive as if be God.


As such wise to use fight weapon only as last resort for the just causes & not like a pet toy to play with every now- and- then, since can never succeed benefit to either side but sure to spoil nice interactions of peaceful life.


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