Why think forgive Offenders


  Why think forgive Offenders


Why think forgive Offenders


Usual human feeling of anybody

React instantly or may be later

When anyone behave as offend

Reason upset since feel terrible


People responsible might have

Walked away behave so badly

And pinch peace suffer wrong

Source fume in anger live sad


And hear from related concern

Find a way force duly penalize

Take due revenge like hit back

And succeed seek some solace


Sure feel nice whilst retaliate

And can continue find device

Harm all related ones as well

Ensure best of hearty content


But how wrong imagine calm

While yet continue be in hold

Of prison of negative outlook

Crave aim reciprocal revenge


It is just not possible feel fine

As long as mind look harbour

Agony of the enmity & suffer

As brood over the harm made


If really desire peace of mind

Require forget past incidence

That appears haunting & hurt

Cause relive bygone situation


Then even if be very difficult

Must decide forgive involved

That look like unjust arrogant

So not seem want beg pardon


Still need to Forget & Forgive

So can break the invisible link

Live free from troubling bond

In own interest not oblige any


Likewise best leave it to God

Judge who is right and wrong

Decide manner of the penalty

And when will pay how much


Though how true is essential

That offender who did wrong

Should be given punishment

Cause scare & fear act repeat


But always may not possible

So only thing perhaps can be

Watch out to observe & stop

Crafty person take advantage



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