Why you have gone away

John Torp

  Why you have gone away


Why you have gone away


Why you have had to go away

As suffer the strange sickness

See no doctor could treat you

Help recover as would expect


You had told will contact me

Once get back home feel well

So wait till then stay patience

As get my news from relation


I kept on count hours & days

When dilemma of uncertainty

Hope that golden day to arise

And hear you are back home


But oh! NoÖ...never imagine

Even in wildest dream figure

Upshot of hard hit blow soon

Stun concern ones feel shock


Stare at you bid byeÖ.world

Am going to heavenly abode

As my destine life term ends

And no extension ever given


Is the reason I didnít recover

And got depart as no choice

Maybe have finished my role

Play my fated character here


I can see you all be very sad

But can do nothing feel ease

Am far faraway from you all

Please notify my dear friend


Live in great distant country

And say sorry could not talk

Remember had promise that

But unable honour my word


As such mail me demise news

Let know cruel blow of time

Happen harsh to believe fact

But got accept reveal reality


Effecting breakdown in grief

Suffer piercing pain of agony

Cause the fit of weeping wail

Lost in gloom of intense pain


But understand after a while

What looks be The God wish

No right ask why unkind way

Seem meant for Angelic you


And departed ones canít hear

Any of earnest return request

So may only pray & cry utter

I wish you best of the new life


May your pure soul rest in peace

Find God hold you in loving care

Also let reborn once time fall due

When could live best of life again

Feel happy unite all who you like


I beg before you please forgive me

For what all reason I may happen

Have hurt your feelings or offend

By words, act, failure or be means

Though always wish you to please


At present you have gone to place

That home address I donít have

Not know new phone or cell no.

Also no email contact can write

So only chance try cosmic way


I really hold you in high regard

And will remember you forever

Feel big loss of missing you a lot

Sure now you have power to see

Bless me feel your divine presence


This page has been written & dedicated as my hearty Tribute to my rare Angelic friend John Torp who has bid bye to the world on 15th February 2011 for the heavenly abode. He had been the good composer/writer of wonderful unique tunes in Midi & Mp3, lyricist of inspiring poems & very noble mentor to me help learn intricate computer programs & kindly permitted use any of his tunes & as well gave his created wall papers for my web pages. You may visit his website http://www.johntorpmusic.se/ to enjoy tunes composed by him.


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Composed & Played by John Torp

 Used with Permission

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