Why you seem displease


  Do you remember


Why you seem displease


I have observed since long ago

Mark a few different occasions

You appear be displeased over

Something & reason unknown


I know that you are clever hide

Behind give your loving smile

As donít intend to let me know

What that hurt may have been


I also know you are very kind

Think no way be my intention

As appreciate my honest feels

Sure craving do things please


But I have heard those untold

Words tell you were annoyed

Over something & very badly

That can sense remember still


I hope will agree with me say

Be how painful for me whilst

Feel you endure but donít say

What it is when I have asked


If I happen to have upset you

Beg of you please forgive me

And do not remain displease

I just canít bear can imagine


Oh! My sweet heart why wish

Continue that secret from me

I request you to frankly speak

Get relief from undue anxiety


When I can see you at peace

Look no longer displease too

Then thank my Stars & God

Set my restless mind at ease


I love you with all my heart

Feel Dear & Precious to me

And expect be my good luck

Find happen mistaken fright


Music now Playing "Hold my hand"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission




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