Will sail together well

  Will sail together well


Will sail together well


Let our life be like a voyage

Go on see nice & hard time

As if seem sail upon the sea

Find calm & storm weather


At times suddenly may fling

And as well force dropdown

Yet sail as strong boat on sea

Sustain swirl of the difficulty


As we are together can face

Any trial of the testing time

Uphold courage & patience

Feel our unique sincere love


Let there be hardship in life

And moments of sorrow too

Still not going to loose heart

Find power from each other


If fortunate time appear exit

Then bad time also change

Like law of nature’s phase

Thence get peace of respite


We are sure also get chance

Of wonderful excellent time

Sense the desired happiness

Be just together as life bliss


As have determined live life

In the best possible manner

Forget ordeals of adversity

And remember only delight


That could had like destiny

Here as sail together in life

Believe as the best journey

God have kindly granted us


And whilst see reach shore

Spirit end predestined trip

Amid content & no regrets

Since certain can have new

Life journey together again



Music now playing "We sail upon a stormy sea"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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