Will Visualize Ways

  Will visualize Ways


Will Visualize Ways


Unthinkable innumerable Aches

And never ending battle to exist

Needing countless compromises

To sustain & live with Adversity


The shortcomings of any Nature

By birth, accident or self invited

Can be partial & short Duration

Or of higher degree for the Life


Disability state may have Arisen

As a result of medical treatment

Or cause of hazardous duty acts

Or price of foolish Mischief acts


Whatever be invalidity Reasons

On set of unbearable conditions

Full of rejects, repent & regrets

And no remedy or recovery way


Face taxing reliance on Helpers

And bear all insults in Fortitude

For movement of Activity needs

And also basic Necessities of life


They are not worthless on Earth

But has different natural Ability

That needs only encouragement

And not Empty mercy Promises


Expect kind & affectionate Care

But may get heartless Raw Deal

Seek dignity & security support

But find Disregard of Unwanted


Despite the misery of Hardships

Some rise with positive Attitude

And develop their special Talent

To make commendable creations


Show strong will to struggle Fate

And try to fulfill the dear Wishes

Gaining own place of big Honors

With due applause & star Salute



This page has been written & dedicated in sweet & loving memory of my 100% Handicapped younger sister Ms.Chhaya Mehta, who has left this earth for the heavenly abode on 24th December 2001. However, she had lived her life with the exemplary Will & created the history with her outstanding Handicrafts, which was acknowledged by different Media & Awards to her credit. She has departed now, but still dwelling in the memory of many as memorable association, to be remembered & cherished with regards!!



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