Wise live Today


It is left to choice of the concern

Lead the life of own preference

Keep on cling to past yesterday

Run around make likely future

Or wish to live best of the today


Way of dwelling in bygone past

Howsoever glorious might been

Fails help one find better today

Confirm deceptive & confusing


Similarly past might be unkind

Full of sufferings of adversities

But no more continue to prevail

When the light of sunshine arise


Future is always unpredictable

Even if any diligent calculations

And remains hidden till unfolds

Definite colour of destined time


Today can be well experienced

And be happy feel given blesses

 Or attempt minimize hardships

But live every moment in hand


So how far wise overlook today

Sacrifice chanced goodies of life

Prone disappear if not grasped

Live behind regret of no return


Might be adverse time hit hard

Can catch unaware person easy

If not alert of viewing the today

Aim safeguard as much possible


Nice work hard achieve desires

And plan provide for rainy day

Despite none has vision for sure

Whether & can see what future


Still never be sensible to scare

And cry of imaginary bad luck

This is not there in present life

But be own makings canít help


So wise decide flow with today

Instead live bygone yesterday

Which only be guiding history

Or live in uncertain tomorrow

Deprive pleasant time of today


Really requires due thinking

Value precious gift of the Life


Music now Playing :-

"It was long ago now"

Composed & played by John Torp


Used with Permission

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