Wise not live superstition myth


  Wise not live superstition myth


Wise not live superstition myth


Though sound very strange like

As people appear oblige weight

And feel unduly influenced also

By prevailing superstition myth


Strongly believe bound be truth

So why to waste time & energy

As doubt wish sense what logic

Whilst grip meaning since ages


And scare if dare act disregard

Then be certain invite problem

But if wise see incident as sign

Of good or bad omen live well


As proceed with intended plan

Of life matter at that time okay

Or better if hold on for a while

Wait for time change in favour


Sure may have observed many

Attach high value to particular

Place & time of year-day-hour

Belief auspicious or forbidden


Think have trust on astrologer

Forecast stars move as helpful

Or emerge bad upshot against

And advice way can try please


But none ever want to picture

How & why poor stars would

As biased effect good or cruel

Sense like just indicate future


As well rather wrong suppose

Presence of some people force

Bring good luck or may cause

Attract bad luck ruin own life


And mistake imagine anybody

Enjoy bless can foresee future

So their words tend come true

But seem deny & say unaware


However there be no one here

Authorize by God craft magic

Change destined fate as fancy

Help please or punish as wish


Also cling to conviction relate

Prefer name, number & thing

Or opt colour regard can find

Success forget be coincidence


As such there be several silly

Superstitious myth look exist

Not only with illiterate group

But also amid learned people



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