Wise to act in time


  Wise to act in time


Wise to act in time


Many people seem have great self-esteem

As have undue pride of essential position

And be important for related connection

Be at home, society, office or in business


Always behave & pose like awfully busy

So may attend any matter only later on

And got wait until can consider request

Or must tell someone else if can finish it


This strange way of such egoist life style

Maybe tolerate by nice relative & friend

Out of concern or be helpless dependent

Have no choice be wise bear in fortitude


As well overlook by good office superior

For sometime think look under pressure

But once begin job can expect finish fast

If clever as grip trust achieve best result


But err forget that none is indispensible

And see get shift from key position soon

As timely work effect be prime essential

And always be someone who can handle


Again things done after miss right time

Like great favour on related be useless

As would have lost charm make happy

So donít want then or sad live no more


Cause blow of shock & regret feel bad

But all just in vain as no way can alter

Though may cry & appeal forgiveness

Get some solace that seem lost forever


Realize the fault but sure too late then

So ever repent in agony also scold self

Confess blunder before kind Almighty

And promise will act prompt in future


As such might hear frustration burst

From people around us time & again

And prove if fault as postpone things

Time wonít wait for our convenience


Departed soul be faraway hear any

So lament for any connect be futile

Though cry somewhat like below


Oh!  My Dear brother

Had I least idea

This is your last birthday invite for me

I would have ignore petty differences

Feel your love for me

And come fulfill your wish & please


Oh! My Dear wife

I knew you craving my company

But I was too busy with my social work

Had I only known

You may die now as sick since a long

I would have spent time with you


Oh! My Dear Sister

You always wanted me to visit you

But I was too busy even to call you

How I wish knew

When find time call tomorrow be late

As you would be no more


Oh! My Dear mother

You had sent many mails come home

But I was busy earn betterment

But had I known

This time was just last mail

I would have left everything for you


Oh! My Dear friend

You had insisted join for lunch

But I was busy in a meeting so forgot

Had I feared how wrong

Forget call & at least say sorry

Be stun next day see you no more


Oh! My Dear father,

Silly of mine leave house fight small thing

Later wanted to return but had ego

Had I only known

You may desert us though be healthy

I would have come back


No one can know life span of any

So better aim act in time as wise



Music now Playing "I'm living in another world"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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