Wise to avoid enmity


  Wise to avoid enmity


Wise to avoid enmity


Appear strong urge instinct in a few

Excite reflect enmity within no time

Let relate relation, friend or anyone

As connect socially & official situate


Supreme ego belief high self-esteem

Expect everything & everybody too

Must go by own want & obey order

Sure enjoy right no question be ask


And that wrong idea can get worse

If happen hold powers of authority

Add position & weight of influence

As impose & imply dare not refuse


If anyone goes against though just

And convey obvious rightful stand

Sense like challenge to self respect

And decide inflict hurtful hit-back


That bound affect adverse anyone

Instigate duly revenge show anger

When also picture find retaliation

And both ever suffer as aim harm


The dragon of enmity see swallow

All sense of sanity & feel the logic

No good continue devil like game

Intend fight to finish & only ruin


And since follow harmful tactics

Neither side can live be peaceful

As scare foresee next likely blow

Yet wish persist forever as pride


Fail understand not be wise way

Sort out any diversity of opinion

Or signify display strong protest

Prove own power pleasure place


But must think subject to adjust

Find appear go against any time

And realize none desire standby

Also find trouble for own wrong


There is nothing that canít clear

And amicably settled if so desire

If talk over without heated voice

As clarify the merit of own stand


Also ensure not mean offend too

So force accepted in right spirit

By the wrong being in good feel

Or decide leave alone stay away


As well cutoff all connect as best

Or can reduce to least be formal

Be last resort solution live peace

If other one unwilling hear right


Certainly wise avoid any enmity

In own interest feel is important



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