Wish be own Boss


How nice could that feel be

If can live as ones own Boss

None tell what & when to do

And ask report of the deeds


Prayed the God grant chance

And fulfill the desired wish

One day to my great surprise

I was lucky to get that bliss


What a sigh of relief indeed

To be master of all decision

Plan & execute the own ways

Without any one interfere


But moving along the vision

Not easy & rosy as may seem

Call for constant attention

To review & revise working


True unaccountable to any one

Or need permission to deviate

To achieve set target of mind

But may mean additional cost


Enjoy full powers & all rights

But all alone to withstand

Disappointments of adversity

And hardship of the crisis


If perform well succeed result

May get satisfaction & praise

But if happen to meet failure

No one to share & support


Better assess the own strength

Accept everything in fate

Coming as the package deal

When be Boss in command



Music now Playing "I love the way"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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