Workaholic people


  Workaholic people


Workaholic people


Very difficult to understand

Always mean busy working

They are like other extreme

Opposite to the lazy shirker


Passion dedicated to focus

Something plan work well

Be for home, office, society

Or relate to social activity


The meticulous work way

Create be popular person

Offer responsible position

And authority prevail say


As highly dependable ones

Assume see fine perfection

Sure succeed in blind faith

Effect expected fulfillment


Obvious earn high admire

Attract esteemed honours

Accord appreciate efforts

Of commendable aptitude


Whim of high fascination

Attach with work all time

Disregard due care of self

Prove be harmful one day


Whilst grasp what all lost

How vital & was essential

Must maintain fine health

But sad deprive as refused


Uneven & unhealthy meal

And no leisure time break

Also short of sleep & rests

Seem echo take heavy toll


May not admit & exhibit

How despair but helpless

Sad had ignore dear ones

Share love care & delight


Wish had well remember

Nothing in excess is good

As sure oppose to nature

If realize late is worthless



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