World worship successful ones

  world worship successful ones


World worship successful ones


Seem bitter reality of our life

Watch virtuous human being

With best of valuable quality

Mostly get disregarded in life


Into materialistic world here

Until look excel own position

As show get amazing success

Prove worth of hidden talent


Hold good from small to big

Matter focus the home affair

Pertain to own dream vision

Or be business & office issue


If once show be the best way

Of own ideas as effect result

While others look just think

Then all aim appear be nice


Suddenly seem arise esteem

Also feel lucky if get chance

As may create good relation

Though earlier had no value


The life seem how different

As find attain special status

View the dream vision true

Beside respect & due stand


Perhaps law of nature says

Players can be any & many

Grip own individual ability

But all admire only winner


And worship like ideal idol

As wish be successful in life

Forget the fact of own skill

If & how much there in lot


Again we see strange thing

Bright fall-short of success

And unworthy see succeed

As only play of destine fate


So bar that likely anomaly

One need accept as reality

As we may always observe

Each seem pray rising sun


Music now Playing "Flower of the east"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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