Worst enemy is Worry


Very weak & sensitive feeling

Catch everybody in clutches

To victimize & influence mind

By this dangerous devil easily


Fright felt state when entered

Be very difficult to come out

Suffer at least for some time

Despite medical & kind support


May be for self or related ones

Concern out of genuine causes

Or could be only dreaded fear

Due to intense welfare wishes


But prove be detrimental only

Snatch away peace & health

By restless day & sleepless night

Turn be hopeless or may insane


Any calamities can be tackled

With courage & careful ways

And diligent due action plans

Of vigour & patient solutions


Remember & mind well too

Only worry canít view remedy

Need be backed by sincere acts

Daredevil & do best ones might


Beware of this deadly enemy

And be cautious protect self

Whilst feeling the low spirits

Save be effected by the worry


Music now Playing "Melancolia"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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