Worth of moral Obligations


It greatly depends on the mental makeup & attitudes each one has towards own & lives of the connected concerns with whom may be interacting at the given points of the time.


It may pertain in any capacity starting from own family, friends & relatives, society at personal level to any official & commercial associates or even towards the country & unknown anybody for that matter, also treating self properly regard the gift of life from God.


There are sets of codes of conducts written by Nature to establish & maintain the smooth functioning of the life  in invisible ink, but can be clearly read if  one wants to though many try take the shelter say unaware & didnít know that, so as to escape responsibility & have own say as may please for self satisfaction.


Naturally there are no published books in bazaar to buy against the price & get to read it or any school to teach those rules like study of the academic courses. However, readily at ones command on unmistakable terms if & when wish to know honestly.


A very simple thing can help is to have a peep within own self & the due advice from inbuilt auto prompting system of life will instantly be heard to guide the right thing to do in the interest of both the concerns.


It is true that each one is the master of own actions & inactions as think fit & none have any right to enforce own decisions on others respecting their rightful rights as well & also understand the fact that they are under no obligations to abide accept others views.


Still it is very essential to appreciate that the route of the moral obligation is supposed to be the two way traffic as devised by the cosmic system of the universe & expected to be observed in self disciplined manners of the morale. However, if one attempts to consider it as one way street to suit self & desire to serve the selfish motives, it may not move per imagination.


Apparently nothing may be said to the wrong person but undesirable effects of silent disapproval can be clearly seen as a result, call for remedial measures if possible or be obliged to bear the altered state of place may like it or not have no choice then.


The best part & the amazing beauty of this obligatory system lie in the prevailing anomaly factor it has got. When one side happens to be extremely kind & considerate despite any unjust treats inflicted badly & keep forgiving in own grace. The other side feels free to take advantage & enjoy immunity from careless hurting misdeeds fear nothing, as sure find nice interactions of the good deals forever in luck.


Baring this exceptional proviso which too may get affected with time, very necessary & must that one decides to be just & fair while deal with everybody in ways of the due dignity, see worth of moral obligations in life so as to have peace of feel Glad & not act unwise be Sad.


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