Worthless worry

  Worthless worry

Worthless worry


Seem just human tendency

Keep on worrying all time

Over tiny & the big matter

Pertain self & own related


Feel why that had happen

Why my such a hard luck

What all will have to face

Who seem be responsible


Such questions just upset

And hinder the willpower

So better be calm & cool

Stand best & try analyze


Actual cause of adversity

If expectation were more

Than efforts of capability

Or owing oversight lapse


In any case life is not lost

Find chance effort again

Achieve dream wish goal

And be glad if successful


But even if occur get clue

Picture crafty plan of one

Misusing repute pressure

Then also can do nothing


As difficult prove blame

So feel oblige bear quiet

And leave it to Almighty

Faith He’ll punish guilty


Also belief are governed

By own fated destine lot

Compel see some snatch

Own rightful ideal place


But may get some relief

Feel none can ever grab

Fate of anybody in spite

Scheme any crafty trick


Moreover none can ever

Predict far-away future

What satisfy wish today

Appear worst later date


And hard time of today

Later prove fated force

Insight crucial decision

Grip blissful future life


So wise think positive

What happen in past

What see happen now

And what will happen

In future also be okay


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