Wrong connection of people



Many a times we find that the fate seems have made very wrong connection of some unfortunate people as close relatives here. And so find just nothing in common to amicably bind them together though live under the one roof. But feel unable to do anything about set right.


We might think that it should be very simple get rid off the specimen like useless characters  who seem troubleshooters all the time as make life miserable. But not so easy as may sound & even if may succeed separate but not without hard hurting feelings pinch forever while popup the past sad time as if live again.


The tough situation of testing time may pertain personally on the home front involve own family members, friends, social connects & known ones in some way. And look clever pose how caring, friendly & nice so can trust be well wisher rest the confidence share any matter & depend get wish support.


However, may prove sooner or later that happen the mistaken feel when see their true colour of backstabbing as turn crafty, impossible to understand their attitudes misuse own place dominate & torture physically & emotionally like worse than enemy take undue advantage as harass hell.


But seem their good luck can get away without face protest & any punishment for long or maybe forever too, depend on the compelling forces of the sufferer continue live together despite bear the constant harm of all whimsical inhuman ill-treats, have no morals & even a bit mercy as hit hard the body, mind & soul.


Sure tolerate everything like own destine fate & submit self to whatever cruel deal happen occur, think even if die in the process, so what be fine as best, as will be free from all the tensions then. But in fact forget unknowingly base liberty thrill the brutal habits make the balance life span appear as bad to worse.


We can find there are some totally spoiled characters with super ego of self-esteem as boosted by family traditions & customs. Assure license do or donít anything as may please & insult any for nothing. When they chance relate with a nice mild person, incline cause awful trouble feel easy. Sure good nature opposite person will not take strict action as teach due lessons & feel moral obligation forgive own related in kindness.


There can also be some social & financial dependence, lack of education & unfortunate suppressed life style from birth live under shelter only, build one timid have no courage even to open the mouth explain own stand save wrong charges against & at most just shed the tears. Then how can they ever think also about separation though be misfit.


We can as well notice some capable people too refrain separate though much essential. Seem worry what other people may say when hear about, fear arise some stupid scandals spoil the dear reputation hold so far. Think of adverse effect on the poor children. Guess get deprive share in the family wealth. Fear none may come for help if there be calamity in future. Also unsure can lead the independent life support dependents too all alone & be no chance get back if canít sustain the hardship & alike logical & absurd reasons oblige continue together & satisfy grumble a while in grief.


Again we need to deal with different temperament people at all levels in office, so also with many outsiders while business deals. They can be nice, cooperative & helpful. And some can be crafty, selfish & hold unethical ideas misuse position but can do nothing about though may much dislike such people.


But no way easy to disassociate or change the work place though sure are wrong people for you yet got tolerate & try minimize the interaction guard self interest not harm unduly.


We need remember & mind well that very rarely you maybe lucky find relate the right people everywhere in all capacity feel pleased. But mostly find life connects with many wrong connections of different kind association of people we just canít withstand.


But useless blame fate & God for that & realize have two choices to select either view the ability. If have no courage or unable take corrective action for any reason, then nothing or none can help set right the situation so hard luck got live with that.


However if have strong will power determine separate & willing face any problem & criticism if may upshot later, can succeed take the stern action though look how unpleasant & painful too as grip the desire of own right live life as per own wish only.


After sometime may see, all envy the daring of bold ensure what a happy life as detach all wrong connections. Also think bravo & command due respect. Accept or not, all from within crave dream life of own peaceful world.



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