Wrongful person worship


Many people seem fail differentiate between respecting someone feel high regards, just obeying the orders as the duty conscious or maybe have mistakenly develop worshiping habit towards them due to association for some time not know how far can be correct.


May relate to a particular person in any capacity at home, in office, while work in the institute & organization be educational, religious, social welfare group or in the political party. As possibly traditional, customary or enchanting effect of that personality induce blindly follow do things or refrain like the unquestionable orders as if come from God above.


And at times have extra enthusiasm stick to dogmatic ideas act as the strange fanatic, not bother can harm others & unduly hurt their feels. But they seem have no mind of their own, logically think & evaluate the merit of preaching or instruction given. Also fail imagine if it be wise for self accept what told as nice obedient or show serve selfish interest of the concern. 


When such situation arises make it easy for any one take advantage move things in favour as may desire & enjoy place of wishful importance along the expected gains. Also find ego satisfaction of the assurance have got many followers enforce self say all the time.  


This can endanger bad & unhealthy situation cause distress of disaster, invite hatred of enmity & be subjected to explanation face outcome one day for sure. Then even if realize that it was the blunder give wrong support to involved one, be too late make any amend. When would have done all the damage by then.


As such be very essential for us have the due understanding of right & wrong matter & sense the intention of the instructor as apply test of logical reason behind the advice given & see insist must be follow as best. If have that wisdom then only can safeguard the self interest which is needed for anyone exist fine.


 However, just appreciating the kind nature of any or showing liking for some noble personality as attracted by their caring nice approach  or if happen own nature want extend devoted respect for seniors be only natural feeling & good. There is absolutely no fear of any harm.   


Again we may observe some time that the charm of some spiritual person effect please everyone easy & much evident would rouse anybody hold in reverence, but that is all together different situation.


Since such blissful person may give useful guidance if requested but never expect should be adhere & leave to the receiver decide benefit or ignore. They exist selfless here like the living Angel to help any in need as only wish give support find peace of mind & happiness. Amazingly, their pious soul also has power after exit to connect any spiritual person on earth so as to uplift the spirit & inspire the solution for difficult thing. But can expect see happen for very rare fortunate one. 



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