You are my world


  You are my world


You are my world


If may just close your eyes

And think for a while see

How much I feel for you

And what you mean to me


Sure to observe easy then

Have no second thought

How dear you do dwell

Every moment in my life


You are my great support

As uplift courage help

Endure my hard luck

Sense no way can change


Very thought of you dear

Bring me what a delight

And peace of happiness

You only have to imagine


Blessed feel your presence

Live as precious bliss

I wish treasure forever

Regard as reason me alive


I promise will do anything

If feel may you please

As well desire share

Your despair if when any


Oh! My love please believe

You mean a lot to me

Hold close to my heart

Faith as such till end of life


Also would pray earnestly

God may connect us both

As stand rightful state

Thence live together as wish



Music now Playing "When you are with me"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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