Your loving memory

  your loving memory


Your loving memory


I disagree with people say

If one happen out of sight

For the lapse of long time

Let that so for any reason


Tend reduce the intensity

Of affectionate feels then

And finally maybe forget

Wholly grab new interest


So I like to tell you dear

Our bond of special love

Existed be unique attach

Lived as two sisters here


But seem share one soul

As feeling of one used to

Reflect in heart of other

Showed pain & pleasure


Such a splendid relation

We had live together for

Many years till destined

End had taken you away


Shortly era of ten years

Will pass you departed

Wonder where you are

Might have born again


Live with your new life

Hope be fine & blissful

Also free from troubles

Have endure past birth


If can sight even today

You are remember for

Brave suffer in silence

And sweet smile cheer


Also for your amazing

Intuition of admirable

Creative art creations

Turn finest handicraft


Today you arenít here 

But continue to dwell

In my heart as if alive

Feel presence with me


I lovingly think of you

As sincerely pray God

Not only today but always

Wish you get nice new life



This page has been written as hearty remembrance of my dear younger sister Chhaya S. Mehta On her 10th death anniversary on 24th December 2011.


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